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When you upload a Photo ID, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Non-expired.
  • Must be in color.
  • MRZ must be visible (if available).
  • We cannot accept is the id document is : Broken or damaged, Multiple sides or documents in the same file , dirty or illegible , Blurry or overexposed , overcropped or cut off . 
  • Separate file for front and back of the ID document (only when providing an ID card ).
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Description Information Quantity Price
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Upon the student’s expression of interest in having an internship in Malta through Paragon Europe, and upon the student’s acceptance of the Paragon Europe’s terms, conditions and prices, the student’s details in the application form and documents, are required by Paragon Europe to screen and evaluate the application.
Applications are to be submitted at least three months prior to the expected start of the internship. A minimum level of B1 in English language is required in order for the application to be considered. In case the level of English is less than ‘B1’ level then Paragon Europe strongly urges the student to take an intensive English language course during the first week of the internship. When the level of English is of less than B1, then shadowing and monitoring will be provided instead of a work placement.
Documents Required From Student:
Curriculum Vitae (Preferably a Europass CV) in English language with a passport photo is to be submitted at least 3 months prior to the start of the placement.
1. This Application Form – Has to be duly completed in English and every cell has to be filled in;
2. Curriculum Viate (Preferably a Europass CV) with a passport photo and written in English language mentioning skills, knowledge, education and any previous work experience. The CV has to be sent to us THREE MONTHS PRIOR to the start of placement. (the more details the CV has the better and easier it will be to match a hosting company);
3. Motivation Letter in English language whereby the student should introduce themselves, and highlight the desired work placement and the respective tasks the student would like to carry out. Any previous work experience and knowledge should also be included (the more detailed the Motivation Letter the better and easier it will be to match a hosting company);
4. The Sending Institution’s Training and/or Learning Agreement, convenant and any
Malta Office: 183 Constitution Street, Mosta, MST 9054, Malta T: +356 2339 0100 | +356 2141 8756 Brussels Office: Rond Point Schuman 6, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium T: +32 2234 7791 [email protected] |
document last updated 13.07.2018
Accommodation Requests (Please note that we will try our best to accommodate your request, but it is not guaranteed or promised)
other agreement that the insitution may require. These documents are to betranslated to English.
5. Scanned Copy of the Students Passport – This needs to be provided to the hosting
company in order to be registered with the Maltese Authorities.
Upon submission of the mandatory documentation and information, Paragon Europe will screen and evaluate the application and confirm acceptance of the application for the internship by submitting an invoice requesting payment of the Admission Fee as a form of deposit.
The initial non-refundable deposit payment of Euro 200 as a Deposit is required within five days of receipt of the invoice in order for Paragon Europe to start processing the request for an internship. If the deposit of Euro 200 is not paid within 5 days then Paragon Europe reserves the right to cancel the application. The deposit is required to cover the costs involved in finding a work placement and to secure accommodation.
Work Placement Confirmation:
All the documents are subject to screening and evaluation by Paragon Europe. Upon receipt of the deposit the student’s documents are forwarded to the Work Placement Department for processing.
1. The placement process takes a minimum of six weeks from the day of submission of the deposit.
2. Depending on the sector and area of study and expertise, different companies will be selected and, if requested, applications are subject to an interview process via skype by the host company or Paragon Europe.
3. Other details regarding the work placement will be provided in due course by the Work Placement Department.
4. In case the student requests a change in the work placement for reasons deemed not valid by Paragon Europe, then an additional fee of €250 will apply.
Payment Terms:
1. A non-refundable Deposit of Euro 200 is required within five days of receipt of the invoice in order for Paragon Europe to start the work placement process, and secure the student’s accommodation.
2. Full settlement of the total invoice is required by latest one month prior to arrival date.
3. Late submissions, late applications and late payments are subject to additional charges
related to the Administration Fees and the Accommodation Rates.
Additional charges for last minute, late applications and late payments:
1. An extra charge of Euro 295 per application will apply for last minute, late applications submitted later than 6 weeks before the expected arrival date.
2. Accommodation rates are subject to change in case of late submissions, late applications and late payments. This is based on the type of accommodation offered, seasonality and availability.
Cancellation Terms:
Cancellations are to be communicated to Paragon Europe in writing. Verbal cancellations would not be accepted.
1. In case of cancellation after confirmation of the work placement Paragon Europe will retain the deposit paid (Administration Fee) as a cancellation fee.
2. In case of cancellation once the work placement is confirmed, and in case of no-show, an additional cancellation fee equivalent to 14 nights’ stay will also apply.
3. In case of cancellation during the internship, then no refund would be granted.
The student is to be booked on one of the following three packages:
• Basic Package :
1. No administration fee, therefore no monitoring or mentoring or 24/7 Emergency
Phone provided from Paragon Europe
2. Accommodation (rate based on seasonality)
3. Arrival airport transfer compulsory at EUR 27.00 or Arrival and Departure transfer
at €45.
4. Eco Tax at EUR 5.00
SIGNITURE OF APPLICANT ________________________________
Malta Office: 183 Constitution Street, Mosta, MST 9054, Malta T: +356 2339 0100 | +356 2141 8756 Brussels Office: Rond Point Schuman 6, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium T: +32 2234 7791 [email protected] |

• Advanced Package :
1. Monitoring and mentoring fee of EUR 230.00 up to 122 nights, EUR 460.00 from
123 nights and over.
2. 24/7 Emergency phone number
3. Accommodation (rate based on seasonality)
4. Arrival airport transfer compulsory at EUR 27.00 or Arrival and Departure transfer at €45.
5. Eco Tax at EUR 5.00
• Customized Package :
1. Choice of either the Basic Package or the Advanced Package;
2. Other options such as: English Language Course, Socio-Cultural Tours etc ..
Paragon Europe provides accommodation in a shared Self-Catering Apartments.
Special requests related to accommodation would be noted however can not be confirmed.
When accommodation in a self-catering apartment is not available, mainly in the case of last minute requests and submissions, then Paragon Europe will offer to provide alternative accommodation, such as in Host Family accommodation, a Hotel or Hostel. Prices, terms and conditions for the latter will be quoted accordingly.
Self-Catering Apartments:
Accommodation in a self-catering apartment consists of sharing a bedroom in a single bed with other internship students from different institutions and different nationalities. Allocation in shared self-catering apartments is done on a First Come First Served basis, and on Run Of House basis based on availability, giving priority to the close proximity to the work placement and to the gender since accommodation in the bedrooms is not mixed.
Students would be required to sign an Accommodation Agreement and pay a wear and tear fee which is chargeable according to the number of nights stay capped to a maximum of 75€ per person during the orientation at Paragon Europe offices.

 Wear & Tear Fee
1 – 28 nights the wear and tear fee is of 25€
29- 168 nights the wear and tear fee is of 50€
169 nights and over the wear and tear fee is of 75€
document last updated 13.07.2018
 One set of bed linen and towels can be provided at a fee of €65.50, Students can also opt to bring their own set of bed linen and towels.
Host Families:
When students stay at a host family they will enjoy a comfortable, clean home with a friendly atmosphere. All our host families have been interviewed and students can be assured that the host family will make them feel welcome. This is also a great opportunity for those wishing to improve their English language during their stay. Host families take great pride in assuring that bedrooms and bathrooms / showers facilities are clean at all times. Accommodation at a host family consists of sharing a bedroom in a single bed with other internship students of different nationalities.
Students will be required to pay a Damage Deposit fee of Euro 50 during the Welcome Meeting at Paragon Europe offices. This deposit is refunded in full prior departure unless penalties apply. In such case these would be automatically deducted from the said deposit.
Hotel, Hostel, Guesthouse Accommodation:
Paragon Europe enjoys an ongoing collaboration with the leading 3 and 4 star hotels, hostels and guesthouses in Malta and enjoys preferential rates from most of these accommodation providers, which students can benefit from. Exact travel dates and full prepayment is required at time of booking in order for Paragon Europe to secure your accommodation. The establishments’ terms and conditions apply. Paragon Europe reserves the right to offer, or change, the student’s type of accommodation without prior notice especially in the event of late or last minute applications and confirmations, and in case of late payments. The student would be notified of the accommodation provided prior to arrival in Malta. Any variance to the invoice would be charged accordingly.

The student must be in possession of a valid travel and medical insurance cover before travelling. The insurance cover should include, but not limited to medical expenses, medical assistance, personal property / business equipment, personal injury protection and personal liability.
Students are to also ensure that they are in possession of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Persons issued with a European Health Insurance Card will be eligible to free or reduced- cost emergency medical treatment during temporary visits in EEA countries and Switzerland. The purpose of the EHIC is to facilitate access to medical care during the holder’s temporary stay in an EU Member State, and to speed up reimbursement of the costs incurred.
Applying for an EHIC is free. A separate application form is needed for each person, with the exception of children under 16. The European Health Insurance Card:
▪ is not an alternative to travel insurance. It does not cover any private healthcare or costs such
as a return flight to your home country or lost/stolen property,
▪ does not cover your costs if you are travelling for the express purpose of obtaining medical
▪ does not guarantee free services. As each country’s healthcare system is different services
that cost nothing at home might not be free in another country.
More information on the EHIC is available on
Other Important Information Required:
Paragon Europe will require the student’s flight details with the exact travel dates at least one month prior to the expected arrival date in order for Paragon Europe to reserve the accommodation accordingly, and to organize transportation from Malta International Airport to the accommodation.
One week prior to the student’s arrival to Malta, Paragon Europe will send the student all the information, reconfirming the details related to the accommodation, work placement and the Welcome Meeting at Paragon Europe offices, together with other useful information.

 Taxi Service on Departure Date:
Paragon Europe is not liable for any transfer delays which could result in loss of flight.
Paragon Europe organizes pick-up from the accommodation at least three (3) hours prior to the flight departure time provided by the student. The Student is required to wait for the taxi on the pavement outside of the main door of the accommodation. The taxi will allow a maximum waiting time of 5 minutes after which time he will leave. In such case Paragon Europe will not refund the student.
In case the taxi is delaying the student is to call the Paragon Helpline number +356 7741 8756 not later than 10 minutes from the scheduled pick-up time.
Public Transport In Malta:
Information on Malta’s Public Transportation system is available on website
It is recommended that students familiarize themselves with the public transportation system before their arrival in Malta as they will find this useful to be able to commute easily around the Island.
The prices for the daily, weekly and monthly bus tickets are available on the website link A route search option and bus schedules are also available on the website. The central bus terminus is in Valletta, thus if you do not know how to get to some places, first head to Valletta and there you will find the other bus for your onward bus trip.
Daily tickets can be purchased directly on the bus. Weekly and monthly tickets can be purchased from the Bus Terminus in Valletta or at the Airport. Students can apply online for the monthly bus cards. Students can use Paragon Europe’s office as the address for delivery of the card. The students can pick up the bus card from Paragon Europe’s office during office hours. Paragon Europe also offers the service of delivery of the bus card to the accommodation address against a fee of Euro 25 per bus card.

 Public Holidays in Malta:
01 January
10 February
19 March
25 March
31 March
01 May
07 June
29 June
15 August
08 September
21 September
08 December
13 December
25 December
Malta Office: 183 Constitution Street, Mosta, MST 9054, Malta T: +356 2339 0100 | +356 2141 8756 Brussels Office: Rond Point Schuman 6, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium T: +32 2234 7791 [email protected] |
  Paragon Europe Ltd. Co. Reg. No. : C34186