Federic Marschin, 18 years old, has returned to Malta to further improve his English skills. He has loved being in Malta for the summer as he believes he has gained a better understanding of what it is like working abroad.
“I have loved discovering Maltese culture. I have visited Valletta, Mdina, Gozo and Comino, all of which were beautiful! My time here has presented me with new opportunities for the future.”
Federic’s time in Malta is helping him reach his career goal of working in the automobile industry.

Malta is a beautiful island and I loved it! The people in Paragon are so friendly and I felt so welcomed. I would highly recommend it to others. It was a great experience and I will miss it!
– Helene Baert from Belgium


I had a great experience at Paragon Europe! While working in the marketing department, I learned how to work with excel and see how people worked together in a business. On top of that I was able to see the beauty of Malta. After work we always had the opportunity to do fun activities and visit placed like Valletta, Sliema, Saint Julian’s etc. We visited lots of cafes and restaurants and we had a taste of the Maltese culture.
– Kainat from Belgium

I’ve had the unique chance to take part in the internship in Paragon in the beautiful Malta. I was working for the Marketing department so I had to do some creative tasks which I loved. I also have seen beautiful places like Valletta, Gozo, Mdina, Marsaskala etc. It was an amazing experience. See you again Malta!
– Anastasiia from Belgium


I arrived in Malta exactly a month ago and from the first day I realized that it would be an amazing experience I would not regret. My arrival at paragon Europe allowed me to understand how a company works. The reception was so kind and they provided us with everything we needed to start! Fortunately, I had the opportunity to interact with interns from all over the world like Spain and Finland and because of this I was able to understand how life works in other countries. I would recommend to everyone to do this as it really helps you to grow personally and professionally!
– Laura from Italy

Malta is a beautiful place, with a wonderful seafront and several places to visit such as Valletta, Mdina and beautiful Comino! During these two months I worked at Paragon and the tutors have always been so kind.
– Esmeralda Mori from Italy


The experience will definitely help me in the future! It has been an unforgettable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. It is now easier for me to interact with people who speak English and it will be very useful for future holidays or travels. I’ve loved staying in a foreign country and have gained invaluable experience from it. The internship was the best experience I’ve had so far.
– Jonas Quaschn