Paragon Europe hosts a large number of academic staff mobility for our partner institutions from all over Europe. Rectors, deans, teachers, international officers and lecturers have all visited our shores and spent a number of days in Malta for a professional experience. We ensure that our visiting academic staff have a unique experience whilst they are in Malta.

Staff mobility programmes are geared towards the professional development of adult education staff in the form of a job shadowing/observation period abroad in a relevant organisation and/or participation in structured training courses or events.

Staff Mobility Services

Paragon Europe can provide the following Staff Mobility Services:​

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is the perfect way to do on-the-job training and accrue experience by working with someone or teams that are in line to your career focus.

Visit to Companies

Visiting companies will allow you to have an idea of the different work environments and meet people with whom you can exchange information and insights on your line of work

Training Courses

We can offer several staff training courses in various areas ranging from team management, communications, professional English and much more 

Socio-cultural Programmes

Our programmes offer a balanced and holistic approach to training where we complement the training period with a range of social and cultural activities. Training can be fun! 

Other On-Demand Services

We can offer any other service in relation to your staff training needs that we can design and custom-build exclusively for your needs.