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Cost of living

You will be surprised to find that the cost of living in Malta is quite affordable. This benefit alone is one of the main reasons that an increasing number of people are choosing this little Mediterranean gem as a destination for relocating or following an internship work placement.

You might be interested to know that through our recruitment agency we can provide paid Internships for students staying more than 4 months. Paid internships is dependent on our employer organisations but is on offer in all the sectors and professions we promote

Quick Fact
Malta enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with sea temperatures higher than in any other part of Europe. With an average annual temperature of 23 ° C and 3000 hours of sunshine per year there is never a bad time or season to go to Malta
Malta Internship with paragon europe

In 2017 & 2018  30% of the students we placed  received a job offer after their internship term. Malta offers an equal opportunity environment for foreign workers and the foreign workforce currently present in Malta stands at 20% and growing rapidly year on year. Many foreign young graduates are opting to relocate in Malta and take job offers with the goal of moving forward in their career .

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Internship Compensation

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Night Life

Despite its size, Malta is often dubbed the European capital of night life and clubbing. With a vast array of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and wine bars, you’ll never be far from a good time. Most club entrances are totally free and you will find drinks cheaper than elsewhere in Europe.  

Some organisations can opt to compensate the intern with some form of financial assistance or take-home money as a means to help them cover some of the daily expenses. This decision to offer students a financial compensation, and the amount given, is at the discretion of the host organisation and Paragon Europe is not responsible or liable for this compensation although we will do our best to find such organisations for you. 

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