General internship work placement in Malta

Man indoors at school with is computer for Erasmus

Short & Long Work Placements

Man indoors at school with is computer for Erasmus
Work Placements are usually aimed at candidates (often students) who wish to do an internship between a month and six months. For those students who are in their first or second year in university and would like to gain practical experience abroad, they have the option to intern at a Hosting Organization between four (4) and twelve (12) weeks.  For those students who are in their last year of their bachelor studies (for instance, working on their thesis) or doing their MBA, they often wish to put what they have learned in the class into practice by doing a longer internship at a Hosting Organization in another country. They could opt for a placement that lasts between three (3) and six (6) months. Longer placements are recommended since it takes a few weeks to get familiar with the organizational and societal cultures and there is more time for project development, personal and professional growth..

Seasonal Placements

Seasonal placements usually take place during the high season period of Malta, which is in the summer months between July and September. 

During the high season, summer internships/jobs become available and Hosting Organizations are in need of more personnel to attend increasing numbers in their clientele due to tourists. Seasonal placements are often found in the services sector.

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