Fast-Track Work Placements in Malta

Fast-track to job placements (Talent)

Besides spotting and attracting new talent,  retaining that talent is a skill that managers are (should be) constantly working on. As shown in an article by McKinsey & Company : 

it’s remarkable how much of a productivity kicker an organization gets from top talent. A recent study of more than 600,000 researchers, entertainers, politicians, and athletes found that high performers are 400 percent more productive than average ones.

Keller & Meany, 2017

The Fast Track Placements to Job Placements segment aims at the creation of programs within the Hosting Organization where selected high potential candidates have the chance to assume diverse roles within the organization in a short period of time with the purpose of enhancing existing skills and developing new ones. This program will not only help them in their professional career but will also contribute to the Hosting Organization in a very positive and effective manner.

High in Demand Work Placement

High in Demand Placements revolve around those sectors who are in need of specific and technical skills. Higher educational institutions act as the suppliers of the Human Resources that Hosting Organizations are in need of in sectors such as Administration, Information Technology, Finance, Engineering, etc.

These sectors are specialized and looking for those people who have been trained, precisely, for the job.


These are the ten most in demand job positions for the near future:

  • Software engineers and developers
  • Data scientists
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Financial advisos
  • Medical doctors
  • Occupational therapists
  • Home health aides
  • Physiotherapists
  • Tradesperson jobs

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