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Internships abroad are a valuable experience: it gives you the ability to gain international experience along with the knowledge and skills you will learn on the job; an opportunity to meet people from all over the world as well as locals and to create an international network of contacts (or Create lifelong connections around the world) ; improve your language skills in a real work environment; make your resume to stand out.

Malta is full of history, beaches, parties, culture and friendly people. The Maltese are renowned for their hospitality, friendliness and generosity. 

Malta climate is very pleasant with around 3000 hours of Sunshine each year and an average yearly temperature of 23 degrees Celsius.

Malta can be described as a very safe place to live. Malta is one of the safest European countries and is easily accessible from main European airports through low-cost airlines.

You can book online through our application form here, or you can book over the phone with our advisors during working hours (9am to 5pm CET), or by sending an email to [email protected]

Our Paragon Europe staff is available for you to talk to by phone during students hours ( 9am to 5pm CET ) or emails can be sent at any time.
We also offer a 24/7 emergency phone, available for Advance package only (see ‘What’s included in the Programme Fee’).

The minimum stay is 1 month, however depending on the sector chosen for the internship programme, minimum stay can vary from 2/3 months or even more.
Our staff will be advising you on the duration of your internship during the booking stage.
The maximum stay can be up to 1 year or more.

Can I also do an internship together with a friend or classmate in the same company?
Depending on how many internship vacancies the hosting company has. If they have space for 2 interns during the same period, it is possible.

To apply for an internship programme an Intermediate level of English (B2) or higher is required. Other languages besides English are considered an asset.

If an accommodation option is selected together with your internship, the work placement programme fee is waivered (not charged). If you choose to apply for an internship without choosing one of our accommodation options, then a programme fee of 530 Euros is charged.
If you require monitoring and mentoring together with a 24/7 emergency line, the advanced package is recommended. The advanced package adds a fee of 230 Euros over and above the normal fees (see above).

Applicants must be minimum 16 years old.

Placements are available across a wide array of sectors such as Digital & IT, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Travel & Tourism, and Hospitality among many others. You can download our ‘Professions and Sectors’ Booklet here

A full activities programme is offered for our interns. These can be included at an additional cost.


It depends on the availability. First students send their request specifying the position and industry preference, then we will confirm if there are internships available for the chosen sector and duration.

Yes, you can receive academic credits by making a request directly at your school/institute.

Yes, paid internships are offered for a minimum of 4 months + stay. Financial aid varies from a minimum of Euro 250 to a maximum of Euro 650, it depends on which sector you are applying.

If there are any issues at the workplace, you can contact Paragon Europe to have a meeting and discuss these issues. Paragon will try their best to solve these issues between you and your mentor, however if the issues are from the Mentors side and Paragon sees that the student is not being treated correctly, then the student shall be offered a new internship.
Rules, regulations & procedures vary from each and every host organization.

The usual is 40 hours per week with 2 days off (Weekends may be included depending on the industry) However if the sending agency/ school request that the students work shorter hours, then you shall be working less)

This may be possible. It all depends if the hosting company is impressed by the student’s performance during the internship period and would like to offer them a full time position after the internship is complete.

Yes, all students receive an end of internship certificate from paragon Europe once they successfully complete their internship.
A letter of recommendation can be requested directly from the interns to his/her mentor at the end of the internship.

As per cancellation terms a refund is only given in case of sickness, by providing a certificate from a doctor stating that student is not fit to work.


If you have booked a taxi with us, our driver will pick you up from the airport and will take you to your accommodation address. Alternatively, you can reach your accommodation by bus or private taxi.

we offer three different types of lodging: self-catering apartments, homestay and hotel accommodation

 Meals aren’t included in the programme fee. However, it is possible to include meals for an extra fee.


It is possible to have guests for an extra charge, but it depends on the accommodation availability.

Yes, you can prepare your own food if you are staying in one of our self-catering apartments.

Wi-fi is available in the common areas



Paragon Europe Internship doesn’t provide insurance. Students are advised to take out travel insurance privately.

You need to provide a filled out application form, an updated C.V, and your identification documents. See our website here for more information (add link to how to apply). Furthermore, students of an non-EU nationality but residing and studying in an EU country have to provide their document of residency in that EU country.

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