24th April to 5th May 2020

The fireworks festival has a tradition in Malta. It is attended by locals and tourists alike. Valletta’s Grand Harbour is the perfect setting for this event, during which the anniversary of Malta’s EU membership is also being celebrated. The fireworks festival is the starting signal for many village parties all across Malta.

Carnival in Malta
21st to 25th February 2020

 The Malta Carnival is a popular local tradition dating back hundreds of years to the 16th century, during the time of the Knights of Malta. The centre of festivities is Valletta, but there are similar parties in smaller towns. All over the island, you will find people in colourful costumes looking forward to the great parade. The party continues well into the night in Paceville! Don’t miss this colourful side of Malta!

Rock the South
15th -16th -17th May 2020

Rock The South, 15th -16th -17th May 2020
Rock the South Malta opens its doors to music lovers with more than 30 artists and multiple stages at the Zion Reggae Bar in Marsascala.  Rock the South Malta has hosted more than 100 artists since it started. As every year, the festival offers endless entertainment with awesome local and international bands and artists, changing from reggae to jazz to rock and even punk.