Adult Work Placements in Malta

Internships for Adults

The Adult Placements are focused on equipping the candidates with the skills they need to progress in their own careers. For the Hosting Organizations, these human resources can also bring new ideas to their current practices.

The European Commission report in May 2018 stated that

Working and unemployed adults who need to either learn or enhance some skills such as technological skills, innovative administrative skills, etc. can opt for the option of job shadowing others in the same industry who are excelling at those.

NEET Placements
(Not in Employment, Education or Training)

The segment of people who are not in education, not employed or in any kind of training is known as the NEET. An initiative that has been addressing this segment is the Youth Guarantee Scheme.

In The European Commission report released in May 2018, it was mentioned that

NEET Placements are a suitable opportunity for those who are looking for making the most of the skills and potential they have in sectors such as retail, administration, services, etc.

Social Inclusion Work Placements

The European Commission has developed many initiatives and programs that aim at social inclusion focusing on youth, poverty, gender, immigration, social enterprises, etc. Some of these initiatives are the Erasmus + Programme, the EU Work Plan for Youth and The Inclusion and Diversity Strategy among many others (European Commission – Youth, n.d.)

The Social Inclusion Placements match candidates who are interested in starting / continuing their professional journey working in social impacts by placing them in NGOs, local communities, interest groups organizations, etc. that are addressing issues related to social inclusion.

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